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How to Run a Background Check on Yourself Step by Step?

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How to Run a Background Check on Yourself Step by Step?

In various professional and personal spaces, Background checks are increasingly becoming a way to ensure safety. As compared to the number of background checks done in the past, they are being pursued more actively now. 

The best way to check the efficiency of a background check platform is to run a background check on yourself. This will show you a true picture of what results from your background check will bring when you apply for a job. 

CocoFinder: Best Background Check Platform

You can read more about employment background checks for myself, but you will not find a better alternative than CocoFinder. Background check agencies too vehemently use CocoFinder to generate results that they seek. 

What makes CocoFinder the best-suited platform for the background check is its sheer convenience. Can you imagine running a background check through traditional sources? The results might take days and months. Not to mention, in most cases, you also need to attain the consent of the concerned individual.

If you compare the time and resources that traditional methods and even agencies take, CocoFinder will win hands down. Below are some additional ways in which CocoFinder far supersedes every and any other method of background check:

Services on a Need basis

You don’t just head to background agencies for one single background check. Recurrent services call for a long-term commitment in the form of a subscription or a contract. This generally entails payment of a fixed fee as opposed to the actual usage of services.

Nonetheless, with CocoFinder, you only pay for what you use. If you do not seek information on an everyday basis, you don’t need any subscription of any sort. 


One of the major reasons why people prefer CocoFinder over other background check platforms is the cost involved. If a background check is something you need to extensively do, CocoFinder will be the most economical option. 

It does not seek a monetary commitment of any sort. You pay for the information you seek and that’s about it. Even if the recurrence of background checks is more than usual, you would still save a lot of cost in the process. 

No Subscription or Download

You can straightforwardly head to CocoFinder and begin with your background check. There will be no need to install any software or download any application. CocoFinder is essentially web-based and convenient to use. 

Most lookup platforms seek long-term commitment from their users. They also make it mandatory to register on the platform, sign up, link other accounts, etc. You do not have to ponder over any such procedure on CocoFinder. The platform is effortlessly easy to use.

All Information: One Platform

Generally, every authority will provide its own set of information. For instance, a finance vertical will only provide finance-related information. A crime vertical will only provide crime and fraudulence-related information.

CocoFinder turns out to be the jack of all trades. It is most coveted because you can find all information at one source only. It could be the complete summary of someone’s life- all vertices together.

Step-By-Step Background Check on yourself

If you have applied for a job and want to see the results that will appear on the background check, CocoFinder is the best platform. There are several ways in which you can ascertain the results of the background checks.

When you apply for a job, you provide relevant information like your name, phone number, email, your address, and other relevant data that can be used to look you up. Therefore, you can use any of these data to look yourself up. Below are the processes you can follow:


You begin by heading on to CocoFinder’s website. As and when you are on the platform, you can decide on the manner you want to look yourself up. You can check data on yourself by typing your first name, last name, and location. 

With CocoFinder, you can also enter other relevant variables like your phone number, email, etc. for more relevant search results. 


As the second step, you will attain the filtered data. This data will then need to be filtered out. If you just enter your name, you will get a lot of search data, of which you will need to find your profile.

If you enter more concrete information like your email and your phone number, you will attain more specific results. Nonetheless, the results can be filtered and you can identify yourself based on this information. 


You can select your profile and click on Download and View Report. To download the same, you need to provide your email ID and enter your card details to make the payment. Once the payment is made, you will get an email automatically with the requisite information.

You can access your email and the information so requested. The report will be your entire background check on one single document. It would have complete information about your professional and personal past. The results would also have information about your most likely relatives. 

Why CocoFinder is the best

When you enter your name and try to check your background, you will be able to see the kind of information people have access to. You will be able to see the kind of perception that your prospective employer is likely to carry for you. 

CocoFinder has a massive database that only comprises verified sources. This way, you will be able to see what all information is available to the public at large. Most agencies engaging in background checks use CocoFinder, so you will get a first-hand view of yourself.


Once you try it, CocoFinder will blow your mind with the accuracy of data it will present to you. So, if you have read more about employment background checks for myself, it's time you make a practical implementation with CocoFinder.

It would be good to see all the information that your prospective employer will be able to see. All the best with that job though!

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