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German Chocolate Cake Recipe

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German Chocolate Cake Recipe

 As known by name the German chocolate cake recipe doesn’t takes its root from Germany it is the surname of the inventor  who developed a particular brand of dark baking chocolate. German chocolate cake recipe is most liked for the sweet chocolate used and the coconut- pecan icing that makes a perfect combination. German chocolate cake recipe and frosting gives an appealing taste so that the tummy asks for more. The sweetened chocolate used in the German chocolate cake recipe was invented by Sam German in 1852 and so the Baker’s German is named after him to honour him.

The German chocolate cake recipe and frosting details are sent by a homemaker in Dallas, Texas to a newspaper in 1957 from then on the German chocolate cake recipe takes its popularity. When the General foods owned by Baker’s brand incorporates this chocolate the sales increased by 73%.

German chocolate cake recipe and frosting contains high calorie value and most of its calories come from Carbohydrate, Fats and proteins of the ingredients used in German chocolate cake recipe.

To enjoy a homemade German chocolate cake recipe and frosting just make sure you have some free time and the ingredients and aware of the processing steps of the ingredients used in German chocolate cake recipe. To help you we provide the ingredients details and processing steps below.

Preparation Time:      5 Minute
Cooking Time:             20 Minute
Recipe Type: Veg

Ingredients of the German chocolate cake recipe and frosting

      Semi-sweet chocolate (Chopped)       300 gm.

      Baking powder                        2 Tsp.

      Baking soda                               1 Tsp.

      Hot water/ Coffee                     1 Cup

      Cocoa powder (Unsweetened, Dutch processed)      1 Cup

      Buttermilk                                   1 cup

      White Sugar (granulated)         1 Cup

      Vanilla Extract                             2 Tsp.

      Butter (Softened, Unsalted)      300 gm.

      All purpose flour                           300 gm.

Ingredients for the pecan coconut frosting of German chocolate cake recipe     

      White Sugar (granulated)            200 gm.

      Egg Yolks (beaten)                         1 Cup

      Salt                                                  ¼ Tsp.

      Pecans (Roasted, Chopped)         120 gm.

      Evaporated Milk/ heavy cream     1 Cup

      Vanilla Extract                 1 tsp.

      Butter (Unsalted, chopped)         ½ Cup

      Coconut (Shredded)                       200 gm.

Cooking directions for the German chocolate cake recipe and frosting

      Take a sauce pan and melt the chocolate in warm water once melted, let it cool. In a mixing bowl blend hot water/ coffee and buttermilk and set aside. Meanwhile preheat the oven to 350 degree F and spray the rake with non-stick cooking spray and line with spreading the parchment paper with 3 8*2 baking dish dusted with flour.

      In an electrical or hand blender blend the sugar and butter until a creamy mixture is formed. To that blend the eggs one by one and add the vanilla, butter milk mixture, chocolate and flour to form the dough.

      Divide the dough among the baking dish and bake till the dough is baked, check by inserting a tooth pick in the middle it should come out clean for exact baking state. Chill the cake for frosting.

      For the frosting blend the milk, eggs, Sugar, salt and butter in a sauce pan and bring to boil. Once the mixture thicken remove from heat and stir in coconut, pecan and vanilla and chill out.

      For serving divide the frosting and apply it on the top of all the baked layers and coat the sides with extra frosting and place one over the other and refrigerate for the frosting to set well.

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